Just Us toured the Continent working in "beat clubs" all over Europe and gained a

reputation for not only being a superb live band but for being something of

a "hell raising" bunch creating a wake of stories and legends where ever they played.

They were the first Rock Band in Morocco and the planned1 month tour extended to

a stay of around 10 months. During the spell there they recorded an album of original songs

written by Stefan and Billy for Pathe Marconi which was never released because Stefan

set fire to the "master tapes" after an altercation with the Studio Bosses.

After a few personnel changes including the re-addition of Robbie Manson on Bass, Just Us

evolved into Gully Foyle the Legendary Scottish Rock Group credited by the BBC in a

70.s Documentary as having spelled the end of "groups" and the beginning of "bands"

on the Rock scene .

Billy and Stefan continued to write songs for the band and were snapped up first by

Campbell Connelly from Denmark Street and then after a few contract manipulations,

by Dick James Music the publishing arm of Page One Records.

They had recorded a single for Campbell Connelly's ill fated Concorde Records and

went on to record 6 or 7 tracks for Page One Records, at the same time playing live

for the BBC for The John Peel's Show and The Steve Merrick Show. During this period

there was another personnel change when the existing singer was replaced by a brash 16 year old

from Glasgow, Jim Diamond. As a 16 year old working with seasoned Rock'n'Roll veterans Jim

looks back on his Gully Foyle days with fondness and still maintains contact with

Billy and Stefan on a regular basis.

Eventually due to a variety of reasons Gully Foyle disbanded and they all went their separate

ways, all that is except for Stefan and Billy who then set up an acoustic venture "Drambo"

with a local musician in Aberdeen playing a mixture of Blues and West Coast Rock.

This would then lead to a full blooded return to their roots playing only Blues.

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