The Small Faces

Steve Marriott guitar/vocals (born January 30th 1947, London, died April 20th 1991)

Jimmy Winston/Ian McLagen - organ (born May 12th 1945, Hounslow)

Ronnie Lane - bass guitar/vocals (born April 1st 1946, London, died June 4th 1997)

Kenny Jones - drums (born September 16th 1948, London)

The Small Faces were seen by music fans as East London's answer to The Who (from West London) - groups who were initially noted as much for their mod clothing as the music they played.

They were formed in 1965 and rapidly became a major attraction playing raw R&B inspired music. The first single, "Watcha Gonna Do About It?" was released just six weeks after the formation of the band. In November '65 McLagen replaced original organist Jimmy Winston.

Presenting themselves as unpretentious, boisterous cockneys, The Small Faces put out some great singles during their career, for a chart-topping band they made some remarkably bold musical experiments. Their reluctance to merely churn out safe commercial singles at regular intervals meant that some of their records failed to take the charts by storm, though they seemed to be able, unlike so many other groups, to bounce back into favour unscathed.

At their best they not only had a raw power - Marriott's voice could be shattering - but a sense of fun and pure joy that has rarely been surpassed.

Eventually, feeling frustrated that they were not being taken seriously as an albums band, Marriott left in February 1969. He was replaced by Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood and the band re-launched themselves as The Faces.



Aug '65

Watcha Gonna Do About It/What's A-Matter Baby

Decca F 12208


Nov '65

I've Got Mine/It's Too Late

Decca F 12276


Feb '66

Sha La La La Lee/Grow Your Own

Decca F 12317


May '66

Hey Girl/Almost Grown

Decca F 12393


Aug '66

All Or Nothing/Understanding

Decca F 12470


Nov '66

My Mind's Eye/I Can't Dance With You

Decca F 12500




Jun '66

The Small Faces - Shake/Come On Children/You Better Believe It/It's Too Late/One Night Stand/Watcha Gonna Do About It?/Sorry She's Mine/Own Up/You Need Lovin'/Don't Stop What You're Doing/E Too D/Sha La La La Lee

Decca LK 4790




Decca Anthology - Whatcha Gonna Do About It/What's A-Matter Baby/I've Got Mine/It's Too Late/Sha La La La Lee/Grow Your Own/Hey Girl/Almost Grown/Shake/Come On Children/You Better Believe It/One Night Stand/Sorry She's Mine/Open Up Time/You Need Loving/Don't Stop What You're Doing/E Too D/All Or Nothing/Understanding/My Mind's Eye/I Can't Dance With You/Just Passing/Patterns/Runaway/Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow/The Man/My Way Of Giving/(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me/Take This Hurt Off Me/Baby Don't You Do It/Plum Nellie/You've Really Got A Hold On Me